How to Activate the Correct Expired Domain

 How to Activate the Correct Expired Domain

How to Activate the Correct Expired Domain. In this trick, we use aged domain or expired domain to build the site. Generally, we use new articles, now here we can use the article URL link and the old content from the expired domain. There are two options
  • Use url links and old content from expired domains, or
  • Use the old url link for the expired domain, with new content.
Note: This trick is not always successful. And it's hard. The result can be yes or no. Steps to activate the expired domain
1. Looking for an expired domain that matches the requirements, namely:
  • Have good backlinks.
  • The page where the backlink is still there, and the url link to the expired domain is still there. There are still a lot of expired domain archives on the archive org site or on google cache.
  • If you have found a potential domain that you want to build again, repeat the steps above.
2. Check the expired domain at Ahrefs / moz, see the backlink in the reffering domain menu.
  • Open one by one, and check the URL of the backlink target link on the archive site, is there still a Check URL link where the backlink is, is it still active? the backlink is still there?
  • Check the content of the archive site has anyone used it? Then just repeat the steps above to the URL link that is in the Ahrefs / moz domain reffering list.
  • If you are happy with the results, please buy the domain, then just post the articles you checked just now.
  1. Use the same url link in the ahrefs / moz data. If the url link is difficult to recreate with wordpress, just switch 301 to the new url permalink.
  2. As soon as possible indexed to Google after the article is written.
  3. Choice of Articles The example above happens that the article still has archives on the archive site.
  4. What if for example there is no archive on the archive site or Google cache? or has the article been used by another site? keep using the old url link. create a new article on an expired domain with a similar theme.
  5. You can make it yourself, scrape it from the YouTube transcript, it's just as free.
  6. Onpage optimization guide; Don't forget to set the internal link between articles so that the link juice you get is even.
3. Addition Guide From some of the steps above, we already know the steps to see an old article that belongs to an aged / expired domain. We can build up next to some other tactics. For example:
  1. We take advantage of old articles from other expired domains, as well as use them on our website.
  2. The trick is simple; Check each other expired domain for one niche. Check the articles, is there an archive? Has anyone used it yet? Use it on our web.
  3. Increase Backlinks to Our Website Except for adding articles, it can be increased to create and seek additional backlinks by means of broken link building.
  4. Check expired domains in a niche with our website at Ahrefs. Looking at the reffering domain, and seeing URL links with quite a lot of backlinks and good stuff.
  5. If you can choose a URL link with backlinks from the website. Check the URL link content on the archive site, has it been used by other sites? Use the article on our web, change and add to make it better.

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